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2019 Alaska Fishing Fair & Spey Clave

It's just starting to come together now (January 2019)
Stay tuned here for more information as we get closer to the event. 




2018 Alaska Fly Fishing Fair and Spey Clave

Saturday, June 9, 2017        Kenai River Ferry Crossing - Cooper Landing, Alaska


Schedule of events
10:00         Jonathan Farmer – Introduction to single hand skagit casting.
10:30         Jolynne Howard – Don’t throw away your single hand just yet.
11:00         Dave Lisi – Skagit casting made easy.  Dispelling the Myths.
11:30         Jake Zirkel – Fishing short rods and lines in tight spaces.
12:00         Hosted BBQ by Mossy’s Fly Shop
  1:00          Eric Neufeld – Spey casting Ailments ways to identify & cure.
  1:30          Lee Davison – Benefits of longer belly spey lines.
  2:00         Mark Huber – Tips on fishing skagit line with sink tips.
  2:30         George Cook – Spey Casting A-Z.
  3:00 to 6:00      Demo equipment and casting with the Pros.
Help us in thanking the following event sponsors:

Alaska Fly Fishers, 200 W 34th Ave, Suite 1233, Anchorage, AK 99503

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